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Hotel Warszawa
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Hotel Warszawa Art Fair

A unique contemporary art event held in the heart of Warsaw.


Hotel contains 142 rooms and suites. Some rooms feature original concrete ceilings sitting in harmony with the dominating marble, steel, glass and copper.


Hotel Warszawa has two restaurants: Warszawska Restaurant and Szóstka Restaurant. Through its interior and design, Warszawska restaurant will take you back in time to the pre-war period. Szóstka Restaurant located on the 6th floor of the Hotel is a place for those seeking new culinary experience.


Hotel Warszawa has three fully equipped multimedia conference rooms separated by sliding panels, which allow to combine them in various configurations.

Wellness & Spa

Na poziomie -1 znajduje się wyjątkowe centrum wellness & spa. Znajdziemy tam dwa gabinety - jednoosobowy oraz dwuosobowy, gdzie na życzenie gości i za uprzednią rezerwacją odbywają się masaże.


Check facilities in one of the most modern hotels in Poland.

One of the most important representatives of Polish interwar architecture. It became an important the symbol of Warsaw revival after the war. Towering majestically above the capital, visible from a distance of up to 20 km. Its modern steel and reinforced concrete construction was the answer to the strong and dynamic urbanization of the Warsaw agglomeration and proof of the mastery of pre-war engineering. Today, it is one of the most modern hotels in Poland.


Pięciogwiazdkowy Hotel Warszawa - restauracja warszawska

Located just down stairs from the hotel lobby, is a comfortable and welcoming space to relax or meet with friends and clients. A large glass kitchen, as well as an open space limited only by historic foundations, are some of the many characteristics that will make you feel special here.
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Pięciogwiazdkowy Hotel Warszawa - restauracja szóstka

The Szóstka Restaurant located on the 6th floor is a place for those seeking new culinary experiences. A large open kitchen, in which dishes are prepared in front of the guests, will certainly strengthen sensory experience, while a large terrace located along Świętokrzyska Street will allow you to admire the panorama of Warsaw.
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We offer a wide range of massages. All treatments are performed with the use of Ortigia cosmetics


Our Wellness & Spa area is located on level -1. Along with two treatment rooms, we are equipped with a steam and a sauna


For those who prefer a more active lifestyle we have a basic gym with cardio options and beautiful pool

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