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Warszawska Restaurant

Opening Hours
monday - sunday: 07.00 - 23.00

Through its interior and design, Warszawska restaurant will take you back in time to the pre-war period. The open glass kitchen is a unique element along with a large open dining room featuring original fundaments, which make the space comfortable yet modern. The whole concept is based on Polish products and dishes from small, local suppliers served family style if desired. The local products are presented in a modern way and our staff guarantees the highest quality of a dining experience. Our meats are cured on site in our own smoking room attached to the restaurant. Our staff puts tremendous effort in order to introduce you to unique Polish hospitality right in the heart of Warsaw.

Chicken Crackling

Radish with ranch dressing
14 PLN

Green asparagus with black garlic aioli
12 PLN

Our selection of charcuterie
44 PLN
Marinated eel with herbs
32 PLN

Asparagus with nduja and sour cream
24 PLN

Beef tatar with marinated mushrooms
35 PLN

Mushroom pâté
23 PLN

Pierogi with white cheese, butter sauce and poppy seeds
31 PLN

Chicken broth with pork dumplings
33 PLN

Cucumber soup
25 PLN

Pan fried turbot on the bone with herb sauce
81 PLN

Pork schnitzel with tartare sauce
59 PLN

Suckling pig knuckle
51 PLN

Half of roasted chicken
79 PLN
Potato puree with lardo and scallions
13 PLN

Pickled cucumber with sour cream and lemon balm
13 PLN

Spring carrot salad
12 PLN

White asparagus with hazelnuts and goats cheese
15 PLN

Braised spring cabbage with dill
13 PLN

Seeded mustard
Chocolate tart and whipped cream
21 PLN

Frozen yoghurt with Italian meringue and woodruff
16 PLN

Napoleonka with butter cream and gooseberry syrup
26 PLN

Ice-cream bowl
13 PLN

Rhubarb jelly with strawberry and rhubarb granita with chiboust cream
19 PLN
Chef de Cuisine

Chef, Dariusz Barański attended the famous Le Cordon Bleu, which is known for its supreme training. He was an apprentice in various famous restaurants around the world and at least once a year he travels for additional training and inspiration. Dariusz is responsible for the success of Concept 13 Restaurant located in the only luxury shopping mall in Poland – Vitkac. He always concentrated on simplicity and quality. His cooking style is characterised by a careful selection of ingredients. He selects and orders all ingredients by himself and personally pays attention to the freshness of product.

Our breakfast is served individually to the table. We stray away from the traditional buffet style and serve large wooden boards of local and homemade products, which change daily. In addition, this is accompanied by one warm dish from our unique breakfast menu. The chefs will surprise you with a modern twist on the traditional eggs and bacon or a duxelle toast. Another specialty is a cold pressed fruit and vegetable juice prepared every morning.

Warszawaska Bar, located just down stairs from the hotel lobby, is a comfortable and welcoming space to relax or meet with friends and clients. Gallery seating, perfect coffee and a wide selection of wines, spirits, and liquers is sure to impress. Tucked away in the corner on the same level is the intimate Cigar Lounge. There is a range of cigars to suit your tastes and an atmosphere to match.