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SPA Terms and Conditions

1. The SPA is open daily from 08:00 - 22:00. After 22:00 the stay in the SPA is at your own risk. Treatments take place every day from 09:00 - 22:00.

2. The hotel is not responsible for the items left by guests in the SPA area.

3. There is no nudity zone in the SPA Hotel Warszawa. The SPA area is common for women, men and children. Swimming pool is required to wear swimsuit. When using the sauna, a towel cover is required.

4. The SPA area is strictly forbidden to bring drinks in glass, eat food and smoke tobacco products.

5. For your own safety, please use flip flops in the SPA area.

6. SPA zone is a place of relaxation, we ask you to remain silent so as not to interfere with the stay of other guests. It is obligatory to mute the phones.

7.In case of improper behavior, the hotel reserves the right to ask to leave the SPA.

8. Stay in the sauna at your own risk - we recommend a maximum of 30 minutes.

9. Free cancellation of the treatment is possible up to 2 hours before the treatment. In the absence of cancellation, 50% of the price of the treatment is charged.

10. Please come to the treatment about 10 minutes in advance. In case of delay, the treatment will be shortened accordingly without the right to a discount.

11. People with health problems (e.g. high blood pressure, heart diseases, allergies, injuries, etc.), pregnant women and people who have recently undergone surgery or treatment with botulinum toxin should report this to the therapist before the treatment for their own safety.

12. In case of improper behaviour during the treatment, the hotel reserves the right to discontinue the treatment and charge the full amount to the Guest. In such case, the Guest is asked to leave the SPA.

13. Guests using the SPA services also accept the valid SPA regulations.

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