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Pop up space
Piotr Bratosiewicz
On the way to every country of the world
12.04 - 14.04.2024 / 11.00 AM - 7.00 PM

An exhibition of Piotr Bratosiewicz's photographs, which collects travel stories from more than 30 countries around the world, will be held April 12-14 at the Hotel Warszawa. The exhibition is divided into two parts - "ART" and "TRAVEL". ART is a series of 20 works featuring abstract and surreal images, full of minimalism, symmetry and aesthetics close to the author's heart. The TRAVEL section focuses on reporter-travel photos, each of which hides a unique story behind it.
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On the way to every country of the world
Read more about the event on the VOGUE, AD or Gazeta.pl webpage.
Past Events

Julia Platt - The Cruise

Julia Platt's latest series of paintings features the rooms of three familiar living spaces: her own, her sister's, and the family home. The only extensions of these safe spaces are the balcony and the canopy of neighboring trees. The world is confined to the meters or centimeters visible to the artist safely nestled in the back of the room. Order is delineated by the horizontal and vertical divisions of windows, windowsills, and balcony railings. Platt's paintings bear a deceptive resemblance to photographs but would be boring as photographs. It is the interplay of scale and painterly substance that renders the inner world of these artworks captivating. The artist's discipline stands in contrast to the unbridled freedom of objects within the space. They need not conform to order. The slight chaos they introduce into the paintings mirrors the bustling streets outside the window. A bench becomes a two-lane road, and a bottle and glass transform into cars. Other elements are genuine residents of the room – a soiled basket of clothespins, a glass jar, and a pot of food on the balcony. Painterly realism makes all objects appear animated.
Julia Platt The Cruise
Read more about the event on the Polana Institute webpage.
Warsaw Gallery Weekend - Bel{l}a

From September 28th to October 21st, 2023, one of the floors of the Warsaw Hotel hosted an exhibition as part of the Warsaw Gallery Weekend. The Bel(l)a exhibition brings together five artists: Magdalena Karpińska and Paulina Włostowska (Polana Institute), Kaja Gadomska and Marta Nadolle (Leto Gallery), and Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg (Gunia Nowik Gallery). Through the dialogue in their works, the power of fabric is revealed and reflected in the diversity of the techniques used. The artists create jacquards, screen-printed patterns, painted silk, embroidery and patchwork based on the experiences of their predecessors. It is worth noting, however, that the ongoing emancipation of woven fabric in the visual arts extends not only for the medium itself, but also in the works that go beyond its material, as demonstrated by works in wood and steel.
WGW 2023: Bel{l}a
Read more about the event on the Polana Institute webpage or Warsaw Gallery Weekend webpage.

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More information:

Tel.: +48 22 470 03 00

Email: pr.hw@hotel.com.pl

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