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The hotel is equipped with a modern energy management system which optimises energy consumption and automatically monitors the efficiency of all devices included in the system operating throughout the building.

When integrating the reservation system with the building management system, energy demand is optimised based on hotel occupancy. We recover heat from chillers, refrigerators and other equipment and use it to pre-heat domestic hot water and swimming pool.

Air handling units are equipped with heat exchangers.

The kitchen is equipped with an energy saving system that optimises the consumption and operation of devices.

Heat pumps and free cooling chillers were used in order to obtain coolness in the winter.

We operate a fully managed lighting system with LED light source.

The hotel is fully carbon-free.

Our restaurants mostly use local produce and operate a zero-waste policy. Drinks served to our guest are always in glass bottles.

Acqua di Parma has always worked in a way that tries to eliminate or minimise the environmental impact of its decisions and activities. This was one of the main arguments for choosing the current Hotel Line which, in fact, is made entirely with recycled and recyclable PET plastics.

Our hotel has eliminated single use plastic and replaced it with recycled or recyclable materials such as bamboo straws or paper toiletry kits.

Our hotel works with a certified Eco-laundry - Prawoll.

For cleaning and disinfecting, our hotels use certified Eco-friendly detergents by Diversey.

We operate on the principles of recycled materials and recycle most of our waste products.

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